FGV Annual Report 2017

FOR A PROGRESSIVE FUTURE Striving for continuous improvement is a crucial element that sustains the core of who we are. Our progressive assessment and improvement of all our business practices serve the two-pronged objectives of maximising our effectiveness in responding to developments in our operating environment, whilst minimising the environmental impact of our operations. The comprehensive materiality assessment we undertook in the year under review was just one of various examples of our overarching desire to be attuned to our Stakeholders’ concerns. Indeed, this unstinting evolution in the way we do things demonstrates our openness to change to better take on the opportunities and challenges presented by internal factors and dynamic market realities. The prominent double-helix structure of the DNA molecule, forming the trunk of an oil palm tree in our cover design, encapsulates the centrality of our organisation’s readiness to progressively evolve and adapt to our operating landscape, so that the value we create is not simply maximised, but also sustainable for the welfare of our future generations.