FGV Annual Report 2014

Foreword to Shareholders 12 Chairman’s Statement 16 CEO’s Statement About FGV 22 Corporate Information 24 Board of Directors 36 Key Management 44 Business Clusters 46 Organisational Chart 48 Calendar of Events 52 Awards & Accolades Strategy and Value Creation 56 Market Risks & Opportunities 58 Global Strategic Blueprint (GSB) 61 Business Model 62 Investor Relations Performance Review & Progress 68 3-Year Financial Summary 69 Business Operations Review – Palm Upstream – Palm Downstream – Rubber – Sugar – R&D and Agri Services – Transport, Logistics, Marketing and Others (TLMO) 96 Human Resources Strategy 98 Corporate Social Responsibility 104 Sustainability Report 110 Health, Safety and Environment Success starts with opportunity. Opportunity is knocking on the door for FGV. Opportunities that we will pursue to advance our growth in all areas of our business endeavours. With positive momentum, a focused business direction and a commercially- driven management team, we are ready to soar even higher. We look forward to a future driven by ingenuity, resourcefulness and a visionary outlook to achieve even more success for the Group. Introduction 02 Company Profile 04 Vision, Mission and Values 06 Key Milestones Performance Highlights 08 Financial 08 Social 09 Health & Safety 09 Environment